The Bagel Cafe (Buffalo Location)

The Bagel Cafe is awesome for many reasons; It has a full blown deli, bakery, and restaurant. It's slightly off the beaten path so you feel cool knowing about. And the food and staff is consistently amazing. I've been to The Bagel Cafe at least twelve times in the past year, here are my musings from my most recent visit.

Busy, busy, busy. The Bagel Cafe is always busy when we go there. That's always a good sign of a great place. We typically go for breakfast or brunch, but they are open late enough to catch a late lunch or a quick bite before dinner as well. For me though, the breakfast is where it's at!

By now, I've had most of their breakfast and lunch menu and this visit's particular breakfast was a memorable one. I ordered the Two Meat Omelet with Pastrami and Tongue with Pepper Jack Cheese. First off, those Home Fries you see there are epic. They have so much flavor and are cooked on point with the great addition of grilled onions hidden between fork fulls. I've had a lot of Home Fries in my day and these are hands down the best. As for the omelet, it feels home cooked. I pride myself in making a pretty mean omelet and The Bagel Cafe's makes me think of my own, just with better ingredients. The meat is abundant and very flavorful, the slightly salty meats works well with the savory eggs and cheese. And just like I do at home, their cheese was inside the omelet as well as on top, love that! The omelet itself is fluffy and tasty due to being cooked just right and the use of real eggs instead of egg beater. The price may shock some ($11ish) for this plate, but trust me, it is well worth it.

I have to order a bagel at The Bagel Cafe right?! This trip I got the Spinach and Feta Bagel with plain cream cheese. The bagel is toasted to perfection, yet still has a nice, soft, pillowy texture. Without the cream cheese I could get a hint of the spinach while the feta was a more constant flavor. With the cream cheese the feta kind of got lost, but it's still quite good. Of the bagels I've had there, my absolute favorite is the Jalepeño Cheddar. If you go to The Bagel Cafe, get that bagel!

If you haven't been to The Bagel Cafe, the next time you feel like eating out for breakfast or lunch you should take that opportunity to check them out. Their soups, overstuffed sandwiches, bagel pizzas, meat platters, and outstanding deli and bakery gives you reason after reason to go back again and again. I love me some Bagel Cafe!

Rating Description
out of 10
8 Location
There's two locations in Summerlin and they have the Del Mar Deli inside the SouthPoint, no matter where you live, you're within 15 mins of one.
8 The Décor
It's basic, it feels like a good ol' New York Deli. Even with a diner counter!
9 The Prices
Another perk to eating there, you could have a meal for two for under $15 or over $30, just depends on how hungry you are or how fancy you want to get. Our typical breakfast for two bill is around $16.
10 The Drinks
Egg Creams, Italian Sodas, Milk, Fresh Squeezed juices, fountain drinks, and gourmet coffe. Forgetaboutit!
10 The Food
I've never had a bad meal here. Ever. Everything is made with care and quality and it shows.
A Sin City Foodie favorite!
(out of 10)

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