The Peppermill

Of the many reasons I love Las Vegas, one that always stands out to me is it's ability to reinvent itself over time yet still have the feel and ambiance of yesteryear. There are an abundance of Sin City eateries that have been around for ages that I love to frequent and always commend on never really changing. There's something special about a place that has just gotten everything right and knows how to continue it's spirit throughout the years. The Peppermill is none of the above.

In being a Foodie and Reviewer I try many restaurants; The good, the bad, and the ugly. Some surprise me, some I knew were going to be terrible. It's just part of the job. Unfortunately, The Peppermill unleashed it's wrath upon me.

On a crisp January night, my girlfriend and I wanted to go somewhere we hadn't been (to eat) before and were also craving somewhere that had burgers. After bypassing a few of our favorite spots for a new one, we decided on The Peppermill. I've been to The Peppermill for drinks in the past but never to sit down and eat, so I was excited to finally taste what all the "buzz" has been about. 

Peppermill- Tequila Sunset.jpg

When I think of The Peppermill, I think of big stupid drinks, thusly because I've only been to the lounge portion of the establishment. So, while waiting for our food I ordered some tequila and fruit drink. When I ordered it the cocktail waitress immediately said "Do you want orange juice instead of grapefruit juice?" and I asked "Doesn't it come with grapefruit juice?" and she replied "Yes, but people like to switch it for orange juice instead.". I told her to stick with the grapefruit juice because I believe if you have something on your menu a certain way, it should come that way. If it's better a different way, change it. Well I certainly paid for that choice. Out comes my big stupid drink with a slice of orange and lime with a maraschino cherry on top. I take a sip and immediately regretted my decision. I'm pretty sure the ingredients for this drink were 2oz tequila, 8oz of grapefruit juice because that's all I tasted, it was beyond tart and had no reminisce of a cocktail whatsoever. I should have set it back it was so bad, but sometimes I'm just too nice to do so. 

Now to help put the rest of our meal into perspective, I'll let you know we were sitting at the diner counter and The Peppermill has an open kitchen, so we could pretty much watch everything go out and how some dishes were prepared.

For an appetizer I had the French Onion Goop, I mean French Onion Soup. It's hard for me to pass up ordering this anywhere that offers it. When I think of a classic french onion soup, I picture a golden cheesy top crust with a glorious, full bodied, oniony soup underneath with a delicious bread to soak it all up with. What I got served to me was pretty much the exact opposite. Just looking at the picture makes me dry heave. First, let's talk presentation. This is one of the dishes prepared by the servers at the counter in front of where we were sitting. I watched them make twenty of these throughout the night. Place bread, slap a slice of cheese on bread, splash soup into bowl and serve. Not only did it look disgusting but it was all over the rim of the bowl as well. And yes, it did taste how it looks. The soup was watery beyond belief, there was zero flavor, it was like I was spooning brown water into my mouth. I should have sent this back too, but I just didn't want to deal with it. Yuck.

Peppermill- French Onion Soup.jpg
Peppermill- Peppermill Burger.jpg

My girlfriend had the Peppermill Burger because she loves sourdough bread and a good juicy burger. Too bad! This thing was flat-out terrible. The burger had zero seasoning and tasted like thin air, the bread was bland and barely tasted like sourdough and the accompanying fries were like long yellow styrofoam sticks. After a few bites of each we finally did send this one back and got her a salad instead. A 4 year old could have made a better burger. 

 I'm always impressed when a restaurant somehow absolutely vanishes all flavors from a meal. It's pretty hard to make shitty Onion Rings but The Peppermill has achieved that feat. These onion rings threw me for a loop because they looked the part: Golden colored, crispy outside, decent size. But as for taste, it was like they were tossed in gluten free, sugar free, salt free breading. They had no taste. Nothing. I felt like my taste buds had taken a break and I was eating without them. I'd prefer greasy, over cooked onion rings from a bar than these tasteless oddities any day.

Peppermill- Onion Rings.jpg

Pastrami. I love pastrami. A good ol' pastrami on rye is one of my all-time favorites. So I figured pastrami on a burger would be exponentially better, right? Wrong. The Peppermill Pastrami Burger lacked all the pizzaz I thought it was going to have. The pretzel bun was dry and bland, the cheese was instantly lost, the mayo was too scarce to even taste, and the number one offense of all… the pastrami tasted like wet table scraps. Pastrami is supposed to be savory and salty, this was plain and boring. And as my burger had the same meat as my girlfriend's, it had zero taste as well. I didn't send this back because I was pretty much exhausted from dealing with terrible food, I honestly think we shouldn't have paid for anything.

Peppermill- Peppermill Pastrami Burger.jpg

As I said prior, we sat at the diner counter. This is what I noticed: The cook staff had no direction. There was no apparent head chef, there was no expediter, and no one communicating with each other. It seemed like the waitresses did the expediting but focused purely on what was supposed to be on the the dishes and not how they tasted or looked. The back of house was silent the entire time we were there, it seemed like an assembly line instead of a kitchen. And on top of that, the stations where the waitresses prepared the salads, soups, and such was a disaster. The counters were filthy with food everywhere and no cleanliness standards were shown. Look at the pictures, food, plates, sauces, soups, bins, crumbs, utensils, everything was on these counters! It was a horrible sight to see. 

Peppermill- Counter 1.jpg
Peppermill- Counter 2.jpg

I know The Peppermill has been around a long time. I know it used to be the "Bee's Knees". But my experience there with their food and how they handle the kitchen was the worst I've had in quite some time. You couldn't pay me to go back to The Peppermill anytime soon. I believe they need quite the overhaul in the kitchen and maybe the whole place. The way I see it, if the kitchen is that disorganized and dirty, imagine the rest of the place! When was the last time those fake plants sitting next to your booth were cleaned? Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Rating out
of 10
9 Location

On the Strip but not hard to get to.

5 The Décor

Old, dated, probably filthy, and in dire need of an update.

4 The Prices

$11.50 for two slices of bread, onions, tomato, and a beef patty?

3 The Drinks

Selection is great. Execution is horrendous.

1 The Food

Breathtakingly bad. There is no pride in their food.

4.4 Overall


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