The Restaurant at Bonnie Springs Ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch has always been a favorite of mine. I like that it's dated, different, and off the beaten path. Most tourists know not of Bonnie Springs, but the cool locals do! The old west town and zoo are fun for the most part; You can't complain when you can watch a hangin' mid day with a drink in your hand from the tavern and then go chill with llamas and wolves. No matter your age, Bonnie Springs has something for everyone, and if you're hungry…. they got grub too!

The Restaurant at Bonnie Springs Ranch is a small slice of Western Americana. Located in a log cabin next to a turtle and duck pond, it definitely has character. When first entering you are greeted by the bar inside, an enormous fire pit, and hundreds of dollar bills hanging from the ceiling from patrons of yonder years. Most of the light coming in is natural with some lanterns accompanying. The tables are made from slabs of trees with unfinished edges with matching wooden log chairs to boot. Being inside you'd never guess you were only 10 miles away from Sin City. 

Almost every single time I've eaten there I always get the same thing.... The Bison Burger. It's so hard to not get! But I held back and decided to try something different this time 'round. 

We started off with the Appetizer Sampler. The portion size was quite decent, we shared between three of us and still had some to take home! The sampler included chicken fingers, beer battered onion rings, and cheddar bacon potato wedges. The fangers were light, juicy, and held up on their own without any sauce dipping needed. The onion rings were very fresh and crispy. They had the right amount of crunch to them and were very light as well. The wedges though… albeit they looked amazing, actually were pretty bland. The cheese was just boring and not even the bacon helped to add flavor. I tried adding sour cream but it really didn't help. These need a little more love to be flavorful and worthwhile. But hey, 2 outta 3 ain't bad!

Bonnie Springs- Appetizer Sampler

My entrée was the BBQ Chicken Platter: Half a chicken, baked beans, biscuits, and corn. The chicken was very moist and tender with the BBQ sauce letting my tongue know it's there, but not beating it up like most. I really liked the fact that the chicken wasn't sitting in a pool of BBQ sauce, it was cooked properly and sauced to perfection. The sauce had a muted sweetness that allowed the chicken to do its thing while still showing off its BBQ prowess. The biscuits were fluffy in texture but didn't seem super fresh, they were probably made in the morning. Still good though! The baked beans almost stole the show. In fact, next time I'm there, I'll probably be ordering a bowl of baked beans and Bison burger. The beans were sweet, rich and had bits of apple cubes and bacon in it! Those two components really added a great dynamic to typical baked beans! Thumbs up from me! The corn…. not seasoned or buttered at all, thusly pretty bland. It's ok though, the beans made up for the lack of the corn's participation in the flavor category.

Bonnie Springs- BBQ Chicken Platter

The Restaurant at Bonnie Springs Ranch is worth the trip. You get to take a miniature train to the town, watch a gun fight and play, drink, pet animals, and enjoy a hearty meal. What more could you ask for? 

Rating out
of 10
9 Location

Yeah it's a bit of a drive, but it's an amazing drive and you really feel away from it all.

8 The Décor

The interior is warm and inviting. The bathrooms aren't the best, but aside from them everything else is fun and old westerny.

9 The Prices

Prices are pretty good. Three of us ate with, two salads, a sampler platter, two entrées, and a beer for under $80!

8 The Drinks

A Full bar and a few craft beers to enjoy.

9 The Food

Almost perfect. A few things aren't quite up to par, but the main dishes are great and will make you go back again and again.

8.6 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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