Mollie's Kountry Kafé

In a very unassuming location on the corner of Jones and Cheyenne, Mollie's Kountry Kafé has always caught my eye by having a throwback feel from the outside. I've driven by a few times and finally planned a breakfast there to see what it was all about.

The first thing I noticed when walking in was the openness of the dining room; It has very high ceilings and the windows were allowing in a ton of ambient, morning light. The decorations on the walls were cutsie but not over the top, everything gave the place a nice homey feel to it. 

I also liked the simplicity of their menu. Less than 25 items on a menu to me shows they're trying to focus on quality over quantity… For the most part. 

My meal consisted of the Western Skillet and Biscuits & Gravy. The Western Skillet had ham, green peppers, home fries, cheese, and a few over easy eggs on top. It was served nice and hot and still sizzling. But that's where the sizzle stopped. At best, this was a mediocre skillet. The ham was scarce, the potatoes lacked seasoning and were slightly under cooked, and the cheese was pretty bland. The only rockstar in this band was the eggs, they were cooked perfectly and were allowed to ooze out when sliced into. Otherwise, I was pretty disappointed. A skillet isn't the most technical dish in the world, I'd expect a place that focuses on breakfast to be able to put together a worthwhile skillet. Especially when it's priced over $10! I didn't even finish this dish, I got bored with it. 

My Biscuits & Gravy on the other hand, was pretty damn good. Although it should be called Gravy & Biscuits, as you can see by the picture. Believe it or not, there are two biscuits under all that gravy. The gravy was very light and fluffy even, not heavy at all. And the biscuits were nice and dense with a great buttery flavoring and consistency. I enjoyed my Biscuits & Gravy and was glad I ordered them.

Now, for once, I waned myself away from ordering the Chicken & Waffles like I always do when an establishment offers them on their menu…My girlfriend on the other hand, went and ordered it for herself. Therefore… I also had the Chicken & Waffles! And as usual, I use Roscoe's as the gold standard for said dish. This attempt by Mollie's Kountry Kafé was actually pretty good. The chicken had a very light breading, which I liked, was not greasy at all, and was very moist and tender. The waffle was less stellar. While cooked well, it was pretty sugary and had no real flavor tie in with the chicken. Their butter was also not quite on point to help blend the two flavors together. It was more Chicken on a Waffle. But, still good nonetheless. It's no Roscoe's, but it is worth ordering. 

The food side of this endeavor was nothing amazing, but good enough to try again sometime. The service though, was not the best. The atmosphere felt homey, but the waitresses seemed on autopilot. I feel that Mollie's Kountry Kafé could be a lot better than what they're showing, the care just isn't there. And that's shown throughout most of the food I tried and the attitude of the waitstaff. I do want to give them another shot eventually, but I'm in no rush for now.

Rating Description
out of 10
10 Location
Easy to find, easy to park, and even has a drive through for certain hours.
7 The Décor
The atmosphere was right. The natural light was nice for the morning meal.
5 The Prices
The skillet was easily overpriced. The Biscuits & Gravy was like $4. Everything was a little high.
4 The Drinks
I had milk, which was fine, but my girlfiend had the orange juice and it was so bad we sent it back.
6 The Food
There were some winners and some losers.
A mediocre experience. I'll revisit them soon for a follow up with a different menu item.
(out of 10)

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