Omelet House (Charleston)

Saying you're the best in something is a bold statement. Saying you've been voted the best of something helps bring validity to said statement. Unless…. the last time you were voted that was 6 years ago. It's good to be proud about past accomplishments, but when it comes to food, I'm not eating what you made 6+ years ago, I'm eating what you're making today. And today, could have been better.

I've had lots of people tell me to check out the Omelet House, so I made it a point to visit there as soon as I could. I set foot into the Omelet House, off Ranch and Charleston, with no pre conceived idea of what to expect. I've just heard that the food is good. So everything else I witnessed was a surprise of sorts. 

Firstly, the entrance bombards your eyes with a multitude of Las Vegas knick knacks and pictures. It seems to be their way of saying "We've been here a long time.", which didn't need to be said, because I could tell by the tattered carpet and old wood paneling throughout the restaurant that it's been there a few decades. We were seated in a booth in one of their numorous dining areas. The booth was comfy and the room had a homey feel to it. Once again, there are random knick knacks and posters on the walls, and I probably counted at least 8 depictions of chickens just in the room we ate in. There are also fake hanging plants everywhere. Definitely all cute and homey, but also a very dated look and feel overall.

At first glance of the menu, I was astounded by the amount of omelets offered: 36!  Now, I'm not saying omelets are all that hard to make, but the quality control of 36 variations of something is difficult to maintain. I'm a "go big or go home" type of person, so as soon as I saw lobster as an option, I knew what I was ordering. I got the #27 Lobster Fest: chunks of lobster, fresh avocado, and jack cheese. Typing what I ordered just now, I really should have known what I was in for. But I figured, if you have omelet in your name, you claim to have the best omelets, and you have 36 of them on the menu, every omelet should be spectacular. Wrong.

Let's start with the size. If you notice in the picture, that plate is 12". The omelet is enormous, there must have been 5 eggs in there. Along with the omelet came their  "Spuds", fried potato chips with seasoning. There were so many on my plate, I'm pretty sure it was an entire potato. Now the lobster omelet. Weird is the best word to describe it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. The lobster meat was nice and juicy and tender, but the avocados were cooked in the omelet with the cheese and lobster, and there was easily two avocados worth inside. It was just such an odd mouth feel, warm avocado with sweet lobster and jack cheese, eh. I ended up scraping the lobster meat out and eating that by itself. Then I took the avocados out and took the remaining pound of eggs and put them in a to go box. The "Spuds" were bland and rubbery. Some had seasoning, some didn't, all were not great. And they serve that with every meal! 

For my sides, I got an English Muffin and Side of Bacon. The english muffin tasted store bought and rubbery and the butter was so light it was more of just an aroma of butter than an actual spread. The bacon was good, but it's pretty hard to screw up bacon. I love bacon. The strips were crispy and tasty, but not worth the price: $4. I got four strips of bacon. That's like Strip prices for drinks logic!

I think the Omelet House is better than what I experienced. I had a few bites of my girlfriend's meal, and it was pretty solid. My main concern is that if you're going to have a $10 omelet, and it's the most expensive one on your menu, I'd expect it to be the best damn thing you have to offer. I do want to give the Omelet House a second go round to try something less ridiculous. I just think the menu needs to be updated and consolidated. I don't know how much has changed décor or menu wise since 1979, but from what I experienced, something needs to change to regain their claim on the "Best Omelet in Las Vegas".

Rating Description
out of 10
5 Location
It's in an old school strip mall off of Charleston and Rancho attached to a half filled plaza.
5 The Décor
It's cute, but old. It drastically needs updating
6 The Prices
The Lobster omelet was not worth the price, the bacon price was out of control.
6 The Drinks
We had milk and orange juice, the milk was cold and good, the OJ was nothing great.
5 The Food
My servings were all sub par. I'm sure other items are better, but what I had, did not impress.
A mediocre experience. I'll revisit them soon for a follow up with a different menu item.
(out of 10)

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