Mark Rich's New York Pizza & Pasta (Closed)

I've been wanting to try out Mark Rich's since it moved to the Centennial location a while back. I had eaten at the old location about a decade ago and it was really good, so my expectations for this location were somewhat high walking in. But my high expectations could have been mediocre expectations and I still would have had a hard time liking the experience I was left with.

It was a slightly cold and windy night that we went into Mark Rich's, which is situated in a quaint strip mall. After seating, I immediately began to notice that the temperature inside the restaurant was just about the same temperature we had just come from outside! It was downright cold the whole time we were there. I took a look at the menu and was just floored by the amount of items. I think I counted around 115 menu items! That's a lot of plates to get right every time. After filtering though the menu, I decided on the Pasta Cristopher: Pasta with pink marinera sauce with clams, crab meat, and shrimp. We ordered our food and a lemonade and then waited.

Also, something kind of interesting with the menu; On the front of the restaurant they advertise they serve beer and wine, yet these items are no where to be found on the menu. In fact, we weren't even offered beer or wine, or shown a separate menu for adult beverages. The only way I even knew they had a selection was from one of the 6"x4" table cards stuffed behind the condiments.

The lemonade came pretty quick and when first tasted…seemed off. There was just something weird about it. It almost seemed like it was just a yellowish tinted soda water with a drop of lemon in it. It basically resembled nothing close to lemonade. The dispenser said Minute Maid but something here was awry. We sent it back and just got water instead.

How can you make water a bad experience? Serve it in a 16oz glass with a 10" straw, that's how. I should have taken a picture, the straws were two times the length of the glass. Who does that? 

Now, mind you, 15 minutes has gone by since we ordered, so I've had plenty of time to soak in what was going on in this place. A lot of not so good things: The music was annoyingly low, like audible, but not loud enough to distinguish songs without really paying attention. Every single picture on the wall, and there were dozens, were crooked. It looked like there was an earthquake and no one felt like fixing any of them. We noticed that there was a pepper flake shaker on the table, but not parmesan cheese. They charge $1 for use of the parmesan shaker…. At a pizza & pasta restaurant…WTF?! If they want to save money, they could cut their straws in half and get two for one!

Twenty five minutes. That's how long it took for our two pastas to come out. One family came, sat down, and ordered a 16" pizza that come out before our two pastas. So by this time we're starving. I begin my seafood pasta and am met with clams that still have grit and sand in them, shrimp that had zero flavor, and crab meat that was suspect of being "krab meat" that was also flat in the taste department. The pink marinera was just a watery goop. And to top it off, the pasta was overcooked and slimy. This was horrible. The only good thing I had was the garlic bread, but that's pretty hard to screw up. Otherwise, bland is the best way to describe the food. I tried my girlfriend's Chicken Alfredo, bland and soupy too. 

We ate what we could because we were so hungry and didn't want to wait for them to make us a different plate or to drive somewhere else. Once we finished, our plates just sat there. The waitress came, gave me the check, took my card, and came back and gave me back the copy to sign, and our plates were still there. They were still there when we left. I wouldn't be surprised if they're still there now!

I don't know what's happened to Mark Rich's. I don't know if he's not involved anymore and the quality control has gone to shit. Or if the cooks are even trying the food they're making. But this place needs some help. The pizza might still be good for all I know, but I'm not willing to go back and try after our horrendous experience. 

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
It's in a strip mall, so not too classy. Parking is easy.
2 The Décor
Crooked pictures. 8x10 signs taped to every open spot around the pizza station. Faint music.
4 The Prices
$12 for a pasta I could have made better, at home, and quicker. No thanx.
3 The Drinks
Adult beverages are served, but weren't even offered. The lemonade was strange and wrong.
1 The Food
Disgusting. At least the two pastas we had were. Pizza could be a different story, but I'd rather not chance it.
You couldn't pay me to go back.
(out of 10)

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