Streets of New York

Ever have a friend tell you "You HAVE to try this place, they have the best ______!" and in you're head you're saying "Yeah right…"? That's exactly how and why I went to Streets of New York the first time over a year ago. A friend told me their pizza might be the best they're ever tasted. Bold statement. Especially telling me that since I used to be a hand toss pizza chef and am super critical of pizzas. So I went and tried Streets of New York, had their pizza, and my mind was then blown. 

For a tucked away, slightly unassuming pizza joint at the edge of town, Streets of New York may have the best pizza I've ever had. But we'll get there. 

Let's start with a fresh appetizer, shall we? On this outing, we ordered the Bruschetta to commence our meal. The slightly buttered bread slices were toasted perfectly: not too crunchy, not too soft… just right. The Roma tomatoes were fresh and stood up brilliantly against the balsamic vinegar and olive oil to cut the sweetness. And the basil stole the show by being apparent, but not taking over my palate altogether. The entire dish was very refreshing and had the right amount of sweetness to it. This could easily be shared between 2-3 people. The Bruschetta is a "must" order for me now every time I go.

My main order was Lorrie's Lasagna. Reasons for ordering: 1. Because I love lasagna. 2. Because I already knew the pizza was epic so I wanted to try something else….and the pizza again too. The lasagna says on the menu "baked until bubbly". This is no joke people! This lasagna was served to me while still bubbling! The plate was so hot I accidentally burned my forearm on it (reaching over for the parmesan. I love cheese). So after letting this scorching plate cool down, I dug in and was very surprised. As you can see from the picture, the lasagna seemed like a very heavy dish, but in actuality it was extremely light and delicious. All the ingredients were very fresh and thankfully, the ricotta cheese was plentiful. A lot of places cheap on on the cheese in their lasagna, that was not the case here. Also located inside this magmatic marinara ménage a trois was three meats that blended so well with their surroundings you'd think the animals were bred just for this plate. The Italian Sausage shined, but the ham and meatballs were very flavorful as well.

Now for the star of the show: The Pepperoni Pizza! Just look at that picture! If that doesn't make you hungry, something is deeply wrong with you. I know Streets of New York is a small chain, but this location in Vegas sure makes it feel like a boutique establishment with lots of care and passion around making an outstanding pizza. The pizza is always slightly greasy, but good greasy. Like: you got it in New York greasy, Not: they made 30 in one oven that's fifty years old greasy. The sauce is to die for and is always a perfect ratio to the cheese and toppings. The dough they use is top notch and good enough that you'll eat the crusts and want more when you're done. The cheese is abundant and definitely a blend of different mozzarellas (my guess). The pepperonis are rich and meaty and always cooked on point. I've never had a burnt topping at Streets. I've eaten at a hundred different pizza places, Streets of New York is definitely in my top three for pizza overall. But for Vegas, hands down, the best I've had. (I've had Sammie's, Brick Oven, Secret at Cosmo, Grimaldi's and more.)

And to finish us off… a Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake. I don't know if this is a typical menu item because it was not on the menu. It was a daily special written on their chalkboard and I was assured it was made in house and not outsourced. If that's the truth, they've knocked it out of the park with this masterpiece of piece of pie. This delicate slice of cheesecake was very rich and had a great consistency throughout. The blueberry flavors were just a playful note on my tongue, but enough to remember every bite I took. I probably took a good 15 mins eating this one slice just to savor it. The blueberry crumble alone was worth each fork full. I will be deeply saddened if this isn't on the chalk board the next time I go, but hopefully, if it's not, a stellar replacement will be made available.

Being my sixth or seventh visit to Streets of New York I've noticed a main similarity to my visits… consistency. They are consistently good: Always fresh, always friendly, always quick and efficient. Consistency is what keeps customers and I am a loyal customer of Streets of New York. If only they delivered to my house!

Rating Description
out of 10
8 Location
It's far away from most, but it's in a cute outdoor mall kind of deal.
9 The Décor
New York décor and feel overall. The bar is nice the tables and booths give off that good ol NY Pizza Joint feel.
8 The Prices
It's a tad pricier than I'd really like, but at least it's worth it!
9 The Drinks
Domestic Beer, good Import Beer, Wines, Milk, Juice, Teas, they have it all covered.
10 The Food
I've never had anything at Streets of New York that I thought was sub par.
A Sin City Foodie Top Pick!
(out of 10)