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Bars with food, what a great concept.

Erin's the Grille Next Door (Closed)

This review is a compilation of many visits to Erin's the Grille Next Door because they happen to run the kitchen inside of O'Aces Bar & Grille on Cheyenne…and I happen to be there two to three times a week! So each time I go, if I do eat, I try to diversify and get something different every time. I believe I'm about half way through the menu by now. So, please enjoy what I've enjoyed so far from Erin's.

I am a stickler when it comes to Pastrami sandwiches. If a restaurant has a "Pastrami Sandwich" on their menu but don't have Rye bread it is an outright tragedy. The first thing I ordered from Erin's was their Pastrami on Rye because…that's how it always should be! So Thankfully they use the right bread and ingredients. My sandwich was served nice and hot. The meat was salt, tangy, and spot on for consistency and juiciness. The pickles were adding what they needed without being too briny and weren't too thick for the sandwich. The only slight misfires were that the bread was toasted a little too much and the swiss cheese got a little lost and wasn't apparent. Overall though, the meat was right and the bread was proper. For being inside of a bar, this is a pretty legitimate Pastrami on Rye.

Along with most sandwiches offered at Erin's you get the option of Slaw or Potato Salad. With my sandwich I got the Potato Salad and was overall pleased. The portion size is substantial and the potatoes were soft and creamy. The pickles were a hair too abundant, but other than that, a good side for any sandwich.

On one of my visits, the soup of the day was their Chicken Enchilada Soup. Served in a large bowl I was pretty happy with the portion size for the price. There was a good amount of tender chicken inside the soup and a lot of flavor. The soup had an underlying kick of spice to it that was very welcomed, but it was slightly too much because the cook sprinkled some pepper on top that was not necessary to complete this dish. Aside from the pepper, the soup is very good, creamy, and the spice level would be just right otherwise.

There are two types of French Dip sandwiches in this world. Bomb, amazing, blow you away types… and downright awful types. There is no grey area in the realm of French Dips. None I say! Luckily, the French Dip here is on the more hailed side. This might be the best thing I've had so far at Erin's. The meat is pouring out of the sandwich and is juicy and as succulent as can be. The dip was superb with just a bit of saltiness to match well with the meat and the bread was soft and toasted to perfection. This really is simplicity at it's best.

I used to make Meatball Subs 8 hours a day for half a year a decade ago. I've just recently started to order them again because 1. I ate so many, 2. I thought my own were the best! I don't know about anyone else, but a problem I always have with Meatball Subs is they're awkward to eat when left in tact. I always made my subs with the meatballs mashed with a fork to make for an easier eating experience. That is one little detail that helps me better enjoy the Meatball Sub at Erin's. The meatballs themselves were delicious and slightly mashed while being coated, and I mean coated, in the mozzarella cheese that was gooey and sensational. The bread was toasted well and the sandwich was easy to eat with little mess and lots of flavor. Bravo!

The Sausage Sub was equally as good. The sausage had a good snap to it and coated my tongue with meaty goodness. The onions were cooked perfect and although it looks like a simple sub, it really had a lot going on. 

Basically a BBQ Pizza, the Big Bubba Pizza is all about the sauce. The BBQ sauce is abundant and the cheese seemed blended, which I love. The onions were good once again and the pork was tender and well proportioned throughout the pie. The only part that wasn't quite right was the crust. It was a little al dente and could have used some more time in the oven or at a hotter temperature. Also, as a small side note: It always takes a decent amount of time to get pizza at Erin's. I don't know if they're just perfectionists or they're oven isn't hot enough, but you just have to be patient. I've had their other regular pizzas and they're fabulous, you just have to give them some time. So enjoy a beer or three while you wait!

Beer Battered Chicken Fingers. What a great combination of words! Easily some of the best chicken fingers I've ever had. The secret is they beer batter them in house! Also, I can always tell that Erin's uses very clean oil for deep frying because of the light taste and coloring on their fingers and fries. These fingers are exceptional. The price may seem a little high for the amount, but trust me, the quality is worth it. These are fingers that are so good, they're amazing naked without being dressed in sauce! I always get my sauce on the side so I can choose how to enjoy them. Their breading is always light and crisp with very tender and juicy chicken inside. Also, they're nowhere near greasy, which is nice. 

The Big Bubba Burrito is deceiving. It's a hot sub sandwich disguised as a wrap. It works, but it's either missing something or it's just a tad too expensive for what you get. Otherwise, it's solid. The pulled pork is good and is sauced well. The slaw inside is crunch and fresh and adds a good heartiness when combined with the meat and cheese. The BBQ sauce is not overpowering and is nice and sweet. The only real foul in this guy was the raw onions, I don't know if they forgot to cook them, but they should have been, or omitted. I'm still on the fence with this one.

Every now and then there are off menu specials available. One night the BBQ Platter was a special with ribs, pulled pork, mac & cheese, and slaw. The pulled pork was the same as on most of the other dishes, but when by itself it is still pretty good. It's not overly sweet, was slightly tangy, and wasn't as tender as usual. So good, but not great. The ribs were very tender but the BBQ sauce wasn't the star it should have been this time around. The meat was good, it just didn't have the best supporting cast.

Ah yes, The Tod Burger. If you haven't already seen my friends and I attempt The Tod Burger Challenge, please click here. This burger is a monster. And although I attempted to put it down under 2 minutes, I still enjoyed it! The bacon is off the charts good and very crispy. The cheese was very well melted and hot. And the patties themselves were very well seasoned and packed lots of flavor even when smothered in ranch. If you're not a big eater, you should just tackle half of this or share with somebody. 2lbs is a lot of burger for anyone. At least it is 2lbs of deliciousness in a bun!

Rating Description
out of 10
8 Location
On Rainbow right off of Cheyenne in a very busy shopping center, O'aces/Erin's is pretty visable and easy to get too.
6 The Décor
Eh… As much as I absolutely love O'Aces/Erin's, the decor is drab. It's a few neon beer signs, a few Vegas related posters, and a decent amount of flat panel TVs.
9 The Prices
Most of the food holds up to the prices well for the quality and/or quantity you get.
9 The Drinks
Since it's a part of O'Aces, it has a fully stocked bar and the best bartenders in Sin City! Craft beer options would be nice though…
9 The Food
Typical bar food with an extra level of quality is hard to find. Hot Sandwiches, Pizzas, Burgers, and more, Erin's food is overall very good and consistent.
If you're in the NW side of town, it's worth a visit if you're feeling like better than average bar food!
(out of 10)

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Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge

Located in a mini strip mall next to a Papa Johns and a Karate school, Sagos seems small and unassuming whilst viewing its exterior. But once inside, it opens up into a pretty large space with many pleasant surprises.

I set forth to Sagos because a favorite bartender of mine, Amber, that used to slang drinks at my local watering hole O'Aces (Cheyenne), is now there and I hadn't seen her in forever. It's a little bit of a trek from where I live, but I'm glad I made the trip.

Upon entering, I went right to sit at the bar. After being there for about 20 mins I turned around to look at the rest of the place and realized I totally missed the enormous dining room they have! It has two huge front-projection screens with 10 or so other flat panels surrounding the dining area, shuffleboard, a Buck Hunter arcade game, and nightclub style lounge/couches. Apparently a good place to watch sports!

A friend of mine was meeting me, so I figured I'd start out with a Weird Beer (Click for my review on Innis & Gunn: Irish Whiskey Cask) and take a look at the menu. I asked Amber what she liked and she quickly recommended the Loreto Chicken Sandwich. A lot of menu items spoke to me, but I figured I'd go with what she recommended, but I subbed the fries for Onion Rings.

I started munching on the Onion Rings because they looked so perfectly golden brown and crunchy. They were great! The batter was light and had a good crunch to it, and they had that good "The cook actually used clean oil" taste. They're big and meaty and had tons of flavor. And to accentuate the clean flavors of the rings, there was a nice ranch to dip them in. The ranch was also light and not overpowering like most. I'd almost order this by itself if I wasn't too hungry.

Then to the Loreto Chicken Sandwich: sporting fresh avocados, tomatoes, grilled chicken, and their special sauce all delicately placed in-between two halves of very tasty and fresh, toasted bread. The chicken was perfectly cooked and all of the flavors and textures worked well together. The best part about this sandwich was a slight kick from their sauce. It's not overly spicy, just enough to let you know it's there. I took my time eating because I enjoyed the flavors so much. For under $10, I was very surprised by the overall quality and taste of this meal.

Once we were done with our meal, I figured to ask if they have any signature shots. Amber gave us their house specialty: the Sagos' Smoothie. (Click for my review)

So, overall I was pleasantly surprised by Sagos. Surprised by the quality of food, the craft beer offerings, the size of the establishment, and the look and feel of the joint. It's a fair trip for me to get over there, but I'll be frequenting more often after this maiden voyage to try more menu items and maybe catch a game or two.

We took a picture with Amber before leaving… we were a bit distracted.

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
If you're in Summerlin you're in luck. Anywhere else and it's a drive. It's easy to get to being located on Fort Apache and Trop though.
9 The Décor
Island views painted on the bar walls, fake palm trees and such around. It's nice and not too gaudy. Also, brighter than most bars, doesn't feel like you're in a dungeon. Enormous screens in Dining Room for sports and big events!
8 The Prices
For the food, the prices were pretty damn good. Beer prices are great for drafts. Craft beer prices are high.
8 The Drinks
Not much on tap, but they do try to carry craft beers. I was told they'll have Dogfish Head on tap pretty soon!
9 The Food
The food was solid. Also, it's a small menu, which I like, better quality control. I'll be back for more!
A great place if you're in the area!
(out of 10)

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