Sagos Baja Tavern & Lounge

Located in a mini strip mall next to a Papa Johns and a Karate school, Sagos seems small and unassuming whilst viewing its exterior. But once inside, it opens up into a pretty large space with many pleasant surprises.

I set forth to Sagos because a favorite bartender of mine, Amber, that used to slang drinks at my local watering hole O'Aces (Cheyenne), is now there and I hadn't seen her in forever. It's a little bit of a trek from where I live, but I'm glad I made the trip.

Upon entering, I went right to sit at the bar. After being there for about 20 mins I turned around to look at the rest of the place and realized I totally missed the enormous dining room they have! It has two huge front-projection screens with 10 or so other flat panels surrounding the dining area, shuffleboard, a Buck Hunter arcade game, and nightclub style lounge/couches. Apparently a good place to watch sports!

A friend of mine was meeting me, so I figured I'd start out with a Weird Beer (Click for my review on Innis & Gunn: Irish Whiskey Cask) and take a look at the menu. I asked Amber what she liked and she quickly recommended the Loreto Chicken Sandwich. A lot of menu items spoke to me, but I figured I'd go with what she recommended, but I subbed the fries for Onion Rings.

I started munching on the Onion Rings because they looked so perfectly golden brown and crunchy. They were great! The batter was light and had a good crunch to it, and they had that good "The cook actually used clean oil" taste. They're big and meaty and had tons of flavor. And to accentuate the clean flavors of the rings, there was a nice ranch to dip them in. The ranch was also light and not overpowering like most. I'd almost order this by itself if I wasn't too hungry.

Then to the Loreto Chicken Sandwich: sporting fresh avocados, tomatoes, grilled chicken, and their special sauce all delicately placed in-between two halves of very tasty and fresh, toasted bread. The chicken was perfectly cooked and all of the flavors and textures worked well together. The best part about this sandwich was a slight kick from their sauce. It's not overly spicy, just enough to let you know it's there. I took my time eating because I enjoyed the flavors so much. For under $10, I was very surprised by the overall quality and taste of this meal.

Once we were done with our meal, I figured to ask if they have any signature shots. Amber gave us their house specialty: the Sagos' Smoothie. (Click for my review)

So, overall I was pleasantly surprised by Sagos. Surprised by the quality of food, the craft beer offerings, the size of the establishment, and the look and feel of the joint. It's a fair trip for me to get over there, but I'll be frequenting more often after this maiden voyage to try more menu items and maybe catch a game or two.

We took a picture with Amber before leaving… we were a bit distracted.

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
If you're in Summerlin you're in luck. Anywhere else and it's a drive. It's easy to get to being located on Fort Apache and Trop though.
9 The Décor
Island views painted on the bar walls, fake palm trees and such around. It's nice and not too gaudy. Also, brighter than most bars, doesn't feel like you're in a dungeon. Enormous screens in Dining Room for sports and big events!
8 The Prices
For the food, the prices were pretty damn good. Beer prices are great for drafts. Craft beer prices are high.
8 The Drinks
Not much on tap, but they do try to carry craft beers. I was told they'll have Dogfish Head on tap pretty soon!
9 The Food
The food was solid. Also, it's a small menu, which I like, better quality control. I'll be back for more!
A great place if you're in the area!
(out of 10)

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