Park on Fremont

Park on Fremont is a Hipster's paradise. Owned by the same outfit that runs Commonwealth, Park on Fremont has a similar vibe overall; They both have a multitude of craft beers, they both have secret areas, and they both have a great energy on a busy night. The main difference is that Park on Fremont has food. Therefore, I had to try something other than a liquid meal for a change.

I've been to Park on Fremont quite a few times, but typically to have some craft cocktails or beers and to play on the see-saw out back. I finally made it a point to check them out during the daytime to enjoy a meal. 

(On this venture, I did enjoy a mean bloody mary of theirs, the Derby Breakfast Club, click that link to see what I though.)

Park on Fremont- Fried Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

Park on Fremont's menu isn't large, but for what is there, everything looks very appetizing. After checking out their menu I ended up choosing one of my go to meals, Chicken & Waffles. Their version is a Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. Now, I never really hold my breath anymore when I have Chicken & Waffles because I've been disappointed so many times over. (I always hail Roscoe's in LA as the best.) The Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich from Park on Fremont had the right elements, and was pretty tasty overall, it just wasn't perfect. In this iteration, the waffles are your bread and the chicken is inside. The waffles come "pre-syruped" and have a sprinkling of powdered sugar atop while the chicken has a nice glaze of syrup glistening off of it. The chicken was fried perfect, there just wasn't much of it. The breading on the chicken gets lost in all the waffle surrounding it, but at least the waffles were fluffy and had a good sweetness to them. As a whole, the flavor profile was there, it just didn't blow me away. 

Now, what did blow me away? The Sweet Potato Tots! For a side dish, these are amazing. Not only do they look delicious and cooked perfectly, their taste is outstanding. The outside ins nice and crispy with the inside pillowy and soft. And for being deep fried, they still felt light and were just fun to eat. They came with a sauce as well that helped elevate them even higher. The next time I eat at Park on Fremont, I'll be getting a different main dish and still ordering the Tots on the side.

Park on Fremont- Sweet Potato Tots

I do enjoy Park on Fremont. Their décor is fun and exciting, their outside areas are eclectic, and the overall energy is always palatable. For drinks, their still my favorite on East Fremont, the food… was ok. I'll do a follow up and try something different, but from people I've talked to, the general consensus is that the food could be better. It's not bad, just not to the standard that the joint gives it's ambiance and alcoholic beverages.

Rating out
of 10
9 Location

East Fremont is the place to be now a days… if only parking were easier.

10 The Décor

Everywhere you look, your eyes have something to see and figure out. Inside, outside, everything is well thought out.

6 The Prices

Drink prices are pretty solid for what you get, the food is just a little high because of the small portion sizes and overall quality.

10 The Drinks

A stacked drink menu with craft cocktails and beers, it's hard to get bored ordering drinks here.

7 The Food

I think with some tweaking to their menu, things could step up. So far from what I've had, there's room for improvement.

8.4 Overall

The ambiance, drinks, and place itself get top ratings, the food is good, but not amazing.

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