Public House

I've realized something lately, I love Houses…. Full House, House M.D., House Party 1-3, and Animal House to name a few. After my endeavor on Valentine's Day, I can now add Public House to that list as well. Everything from the décor, atmosphere, drinks, to food was amazingly on point. Not once did I regret my decision to go "Non Fancy, Huh?" for V-Day this year. 

At first arriving at Public House, I immediately felt an electricty in the air. The bar was buzzing, the lounge area was full with people conversing over craft beers whilst sitting on plush leather couches, and the dining room had an energy about it that beckoned us in. "Americana"ish would be the best way to describe the look of Public House. Paintings of Geroge Washington lighting a cannon, pencil drawings of tattered American flags, and a picture of a chimpanzee holding the stars & stripes adorn the walls and ceilings of this new gastropub. There's definitely plenty to look at no matter where you are within Public House.

We were seated at a dark wood table with one side being bench seating made of cushy dark brown leather. As we sat, we were greeted promptly by our waiter, Keith, whom we found was extremly attentive and amazing all night. He suggested a few small bite items to start out with as well as let us know the Cask Beer of the Day. We took his advice for the starters and I ordered the Cask Beer of the Day which was a Firehouse Porter. The Firehouse Porter was a dark beer with light attributes; Very smooth overall, a slight chocolatey taste with a nice, muted, sweet finish. A good start to the evening for sure.

Now to the gastronomy portion! We received a surprise appetizer taster, compliments of the chef, before our initial order came out. It consisted of small offerings of their Welsh Rarebit toast, House Pickles, and the Potted Duck Rillettes. What a treat this was! The Welsh Rarebit is basically toast smothered in a cheese-beer sauce. In the style of garlic bread, just a million times better. The cheddar cheese and beer sauce was so good it's making my mouth water just thinking about it right now! The bake on the bread and cheese was perfect and the overall mouth-feel was crunchy, gooey, and flavorful mixed with sheer awe of how good each bite was. Next on our taster slate was the House Pickles. This consists of pickled carrots, cucumbers, and cauliflower (as far as we were given). These pickled veggies packed a good punch, not to sour, not too sweet, just right in the middle. The crunch of each with the savory flavor was almost like a pallet cleanser because there was no bitter finish to contend with. Every bite was worth taking the time to savor. Lastly for our sampler, we had the Potted Duck Rillettes. This was offered with a few slices of salami and prosciutto. I dug in and smeared the contents of the jar onto the thinly sliced meats and enjoyed. The duck fat was decadent and delicious. I also tried it on some toasted bread and the result was just as good. An excellent choice if you're a fan of salty, savory, fatty goodness. 

After our overload of succulent flavors from our unexpected sampler our actual order came to the table. We received the Grilled Octopus and Devils on Horseback at the same time and began our attack. I first tried one of the three bacon wrapped, blue cheese stuffed, dates. It was still pretty hot, but my mouth and tongue didn't care as I enjoyed this delight of a bite. The bacon was nice and thick with a good little crunch to it, while the date held its own with the creamy blue cheese center fighting for attention. The three ingredients worked amazingly together and made me instantly compare this small plate to Firefly's and Jaleo's. Of the three, I'd say that Public House ends up victorious in the bacon wrapped date debate. The other plate in front of us was the Grilled Octopus with romesco sauce and a white bean "salad". Just to get it out of the way, the sauce and beans with the dish... I could have done without. I felt like they were just put there for color. The romesco sauce did nothing for me, and the beans were just… well, beans. The octopus was the rockstar here, the rest just groupies. The grilled octopus put before me was cooked to perfection. Nice charred grill marks and the right amount of snap when impacted with my incisors. The flavor profile of each tentically bite was outstanding. The taste of the grill was there but not overpowering, which I like. The freshness and quality of the cephalopod was worth the venture to Public House alone! I've had octopus many times, but this stands out as being not only memorable, but making me want to go back for more as a destination dish. 

Believe it or not, we still had more food en route! We were finally presented with our main course. I had the Quail with a side of Potato Mouseline and my Valentine had the Pub Burger with Poutine fries. I was completely unprepared for what my quail ended up being. I did not realize that I was about to have my mind blown by a take on one of my all time favorite dishes. Chicken & Waffles! With Roscoe's setting this standard, I've always been disappointed by all other attempts. But wow, Public House knocked this out of the park! Quail & waffles, yes, I know that's weird to read or say aloud, but this combination of ridiculousness with genius is the best thing I've eaten in a long while. The quail comes breaded, the right way: Dipped in the same batter as the waffles, and then deep fried. The wings were sweet and savory and just outright audacious. A little crunch from the breading, the smooth texture of the bird, and the maple glaze mixed with the aroma of butter and waffles was almost too much for my poor tastebuds. The waffles were nice and golden with a nice texture and lemon zest finish. The butter really made me think of Roscoe's with how creamy and sweet it was. I took my time eating because I didn't want this ride to end! And it doesn't stop there… The quail & waffles were laid on a bed of Bacon-Braised Kale cooked to resemble collard greens! Even the little bacon bits in the kale are worth going back for! This plate is one I'll be eventually telling my grand kids about in years and years to come.

I can't comment much on the Pub Burger, I only had a bite, but it was tasty from what I had. But I did have quite a bit of the Poutine fries. Let me say this, if you get fries at Public House, get them Poutine style, if you don't, you fail at life. The Poutine fries entail duck confit, cheese curd, and their take on a light gravy. The fries are skinny and seasoned well with bold spices. But the show stoppers here are the rich duck confit and cheese curds. I'd say this is so good it should get it's own plate, but it actually is one. The Poutine is a perfect combination for someone wanting to have a beer or three and chow down on some greasy flavorful splendor. 

The Potato Mouseline with black truffle is a side dish that could steal the show. Smooth, smooth, smooth. The consistantcy was spot on and the hint of black truffles made this a sleeper hit. We both loved the creaminess of the potatoes and how lovely each spoonful was. 

Seeing as by this point we were stuffed to the brim, why not order some dessert? We actually ordered one dessert, but were given a different one, also compliments of the chef. I assume this was one they wanted to offer to really showcase the creativity of their dessert selection. We were given the Irish Coffee Cheesecake. Now that sounds pretty straighfoward, but at Public House, it seems playing by the rules is not their style. This cheesecake came with a cookie crumble underneath an ice cream scoop size cheesecake accompanied by a light whip cream on the side. The cheesecake was decidant and rich. The hazelnut cookie took the flavors well and combined them beautifully with the whip next to it. The candied caremel added a whimsical visual to the whole plate and entices you to eat it. I was very happy with the choice given to us for dessert. I was pleasently surprised.

As a whole, our experience at Public House was grade A. Our waiter was very good and knowledgable about the menu and beers. The entire place seemed to run like a fine oiled machine. The music was upbeat yet not overtaking conversation levels. And the beer selection is in the 200+ range. Public House leaves me no option but to continue to visit them to try the rest of the eclectic food menu, craft beers, and whaterver else they want to throw my way. This is definitely one House I will now be at on a regular basis.

Rating Description
out of 10
7 Location
Located in the Venetian's restaurant row, it's definitely a destination if you don't already happen to be at the Palazzo or Venetian.
10 The Décor
The surroundings are fun but not distracting. It's well designed and allows the vibe to maintain no matter where you are within it's grasp.
9 The Prices
The quality of the food vs. the prices is outstanding. The beer prices could be a tad lower, but expected for an establishment on the Strip. Two could eat for $30-$100 depending on how hungry you are and what you feel like.
10 The Drinks
Cask beers, 200+ craft beers, specialty cocktails, flights, and wines!
10 The Food
I will be thinking about everything I ate at Public House for months I'm sure. Or until the next time I visit them again. Quality ingredients, great presentations, out of the box ideas, and and eclectic mix make this a perfect foodie paradise!
A Sin City Foodie top pick!
(out of 10)