Cantina Laredo

Cantina Laredo is a chain Mexican Restaurant; But… there’s only one in Las Vegas so I feel it to be a little more special. Nestled within the heart of Tivoli Village, Cantina Laredo stands out with it’s outdoor seating and bold, brick facade. On the inside, Cantina Laredo is quite strikingly modern. There are wood furnishings everywhere, floor to ceiling windows connecting the outside patio, and an overall buzz that can be felt as soon as you enter. Luckily, the modern Mexican food stylings match the modern décor nicely.

We started our meal with the Bontano Trio. This dish was a sampler and consisted of two tacos, two crab cakes, and two chicken tamales. Each were of a decent portion size and it was great to share. The tacos were light and fun, the crab cakes were perfect in their consistency, and the chicken tamales were great. This was a great way to start off our meal!

Cantina Laredo- Bontano Trio

For entrées we had the Torta de Pollo (Chicken) and Enchiladas de Cangrejo (Crab). The torta was peculiar, but in a good way. Compared to a typical torta from your local taco shop, this was not, but it still had the proper vibe to it. For me, it was more like a chicken ciabatta with southwestern flavors. The chicken was cooked well and was paired with mango and avocado cubes and the duo was excellent as well as very refreshing. I could do without the fries though, they seemed out of place. Otherwise, the sandwich was pretty solid overall.

Cantina Laredo- Torta de Pollo

The Enchiladas de Cangrejo were the star of the show for me. The enchiladas were stuffed to the brim with crab meat and had a nice, delicate sauce that perfectly brought in the delightfulness of the warm crab. The rice on the side was cooked perfectly and had a great texture to it. And the bed of julienned chips and cabbage under the enchiladas added a superb contrast that was very much welcomed. Bang for the buck, this was the best dish of our meal.

Cantina Laredo- Enchiladas de Cangrejo

Cantina Laredo does modern Mexican well. The feeling inside the restaurant and the twists on traditional Mexican fare is a great combination to behold. Seeing as there really aren’t many authentic Mexican restaurants in the Summerlin area, Cantina Laredo should be the go-to place for anyone looking for something with quality and care from South of the Border.

Rating out
of 10
8 Location

What's nice about Cantina Laredo being inside of Tivoli Village is that it makes less of a destination. You can walk around before or after eating.

10 The Décor

Modern and welcoming at its best. Even the plates were nice to look at!

8 The Prices

Prices aren't really too bad for the amount of food you get.

N/A The Drinks

Although they have some interesting looking specialty cocktails, we did not partake on this venture.

9 The Food

Consistency of the quality of food was impressive and all of the plating of the dishes was on point.

8.75 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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