Cilantro Tacos

Fast casual is a great way to eat. The food is quickly made without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients and you can enjoy your food free from ball pits and people drinking 72oz sodas. Cilantro Tacos is an excellent addition to the fast casual category for the NW Vegas foodies to enjoy. 

Cilantro Tacos opened on Cinco De Mayo this year and I just happened to be in the vicinity. The place is family owned and operated, bringing their SoCal style and flavors to Sin City. And when I say operated, I mean at least three generations working at the same time to deliver you delicious tacos and burritos with plenty of family charm. 

The new Mexican eatery replaced the horrible Gorditas Tacos in a mini strip mall along Rainbow off of Smoke Ranch. Upon entering, the layout is nice and open and there is an open kitchen behind the counter. The tables and chairs are hefty wooded pieces that are leaps and bounds better than similar places with plastic everything. Along with the main options on the menu there is a quality Salsa Bar, Horchata, and fresh fruit juice they change every day. The menu is decently small but still diverse; Of course tacos are the stars but they do offer tortas, burritos, Mexican fries, and even elote (Mexican corn on the cob)!

My first visit was on opening day and my second visit was the next day, and my third visit was about 5 days later. Obviously, I'm a fan. 

So let's start with the Salsa Bar. Any self respecting Mexican eatery has one of these, some better than others. Here, everything is very fresh and tasty. The pickled carrots and friends are hot but not too hot, which is how I prefer it. The Mild Chipotle sauce is amazing and actually mild! Most places label mild and it scorches your tongue off, this one is just right! The Verde sauce is a little hotter but not too bad, and the Chile de Arbol is delicious and great with chips. Overall, the Salsa Bar is a winner.

Cilantro Tacos- Salsa Bar

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!!! As I've recently been to (and reviewed) Tacos el Gordo, those have been my gold standard for street tacos as of late. But from what I've had at Cilantro Tacos, there is now heavy competition. The Lengua Taco is stellar. The marinade on the meat is perfect and has the right amount of saltiness to it, the meat is firm but tender and just a joy to eat. The tortillas are solid and don't break apart when eating and the fresh cilantro and onions are superbly proportioned. This taco was so good that I've had at least two dreams about it since. More please!

Cilantro Tacos- Lengua Taco

The Chorizo con Papas Taco surprised me in a few ways. One, it was nowhere near as spicy as I thought it was gonna be, and two, it was actually just OK. It was slightly greasy and gristly but just didn't have the in your face flavor I'm accustomed to from chorizo anything else. Although it is a good meat choice and excellent taco, it just wasn't my favorite of the four that I tried. 

Cilantro Tacos- Chorizo Taco

Their fish taco, the Pescado Taco was great. I loved how flaky the fish was and it actually had some spice to it. A lot of places just slap some fried tilapia in their tacos with no seasoning and then douse it with sauce. This fish was filling, had bold flavors and stood up to the pile of add on atop it. The queso fresco was interesting to have on a fish taco but it worked out well and balanced the sauce that it came with. This is one of the better fish tacos I've ever had.

Cilantro Tacos- Pescado Taco

The Machaca (Shredded beer) Taco had nice changes compared to the others. This one was topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The beef was slightly oily and very tender. It reminded me of Cuban Ropa Vieja with a little less saltiness. This is a small taco that will fill you up fast. 

Cilantro Tacos- Machaca Taco

I've had chile relleno at countless restaurants. I have never seen it in a burrito. So of course I had to order it. The Chile Relleno Burrito is different but welcomed. The burrito was stuffed with two chiles filled with cheese. The end result? An easy way to eat chili relleno I suppose. It worked in the burrito, it just needed a little more sauce or sour cream inside to maintain the flavors and not have so many dry components. I definitely think they've got something here and it will get better as they perfect it. I did really enjoy this burrito and can't wait to try it again. If you're a fan of chile relleno, you must try this burrito!

Cilantro Tacos- Chile Relleno Burrito

Cilantro Tacos is just what this neighborhood needed. Now there's no need to head all the way to North Town, or stand outside just to get some street tacos. The staff is more than welcoming, the ingredients are all top notch, and the atmosphere is easy going and a pleasure to be within. If you're feeling like some Mexican without breaking the bank, check out Cilantro Tacos ASAP! And tell them Sin City Foodie sent you!

Rating out
of 10
8 Location

Right smack in between Lake Mead and Cheyenne, it's pretty easy to get to and find.

8 The Décor

The décor is very subtle. And I like it. Sometimes, it's ok to not slap every possible ethnic thing you can on the walls. I really like the furniture used as well. Alsthough I do think they could lose the green table coverings. The tables and chairs are beautiful as is!

10 The Prices

Tacos are $2, burritos are $5. Can't get much better than that!

10 The Drinks

No cervezas here, but the fresh juice that's changed every day is always amazing and their horchata is just how I like it.

9 The Food

Almost perfect. With a little more experience in the location I know they'll be able to pull off even better execution of their dishes in the future.

9 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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