Pink Taco

Suggestive name? Check. Lowrider bikes in the windows? Check. 150+ Tequilas? Check. Pink Taco has a lot of good things making it a Sin City staple for Mexican eats. No es perfecto, but it has always been a favorite of mine over the years.

My most recent trip to Pink Taco was for my and my girlfriend's birthday celebration. We wanted somewhere with a fun, laid-back atmosphere, and a place that could handle a large group of 15 or so. Most places require a Group Menu for parties that size, which Pink Taco first informed me about, but after talking with them via e-mail, they were more than willing to let our party order a la carte. It worked out great. Our service was quick and efficient, and paying was extremely easy despite the group size. 

Since this was a birthday dinner, I might as well start with some drinks. First I had the Zapata Margarita. I didn't write down the exact ingredients, but all I tasted was a lot of orange juice and very little alcohol. And no matter how much I stirred it, the bottom was very watery. Someone else bought me the drink, so I couldn't complain much, but if I had spent $14 on a margarita, I'd want a little more Zapata and a lot less naranja! The second beverage of the night was the Monster Guava Margarita, just because I like ridiculous drinks. This one didn't fair any better. It basically tasted like I poured a Monster into a perfectly good margarita. To me, this has no right to be on the menu. This must be their attempt to get money from the "bros" that venture over from Rehab. 

On to the food! Now, for the record, my hands down favorite items on the Pink Taco menu is their Chile Relleno and Camarones, but I have to sway from them from time to time in order to diversify my experiences. So for this go at it, I had the Shrimp Cerviche Campechana for my appetizer and the Pink Taco for my entree. It is served with three (in-house made) crispy tortillas and consists of shrimp, scallops, tomatoes, lime, pickled jalepeños, and avocado. It looks like a smaller portion than it actually is and really should be served with six crispy tortillas, because I had to eat the other half of it with a fork after I ran out of edible vessels. The cerviche itself was juicy and flavorful. Thankfully not overpowered by lime juice like many are, and the tortillas were fresh and salted nicely. This was a fresh dish and a great starter. Also a good turnaround compared to my sub-par adult beverages.

The Pink Taco is actually three tacos and are put together with achiote grilled chicken, habanero pickled "pink" onions, avocado, and cotija cheese with Spanish rice and black beans on the side. The beans had a good home cooked taste and texture to them and the rice was good but not outstanding. The chicken was well seasoned and tender and was a good contrast to the sweet pink onions. The avocado was good and fresh as well. The only thing that could be improved upon on the tacos themselves is the tortillas. They only give you one per taco, most street tacos have two, and for good reason: So the contents don't soak through and create a mess! Otherwise they were good as a whole. And once again, its a dish that looks like less food than it really is, the tacos were stuffed with a good amount of meat for the money.

This experience at Pink Taco was a good time. The wait-staff was great and very accommodating, the food was solid, and the atmosphere was fun as always. Next time I go, I think it's time to go back to the Chile Relleno though, it's been a while, and I'll remember to get my drinks elsewhere before I go.

Rating Description
out of 10
9 Location
Anything off the Strip instantly makes it easier to get to. The Hard Rock is a fun place to be, and Pink Taco can be a stop before or after a concert, pool venture, or a day at the convention center.
10 The Décor
Lowrider bikes, gold Dayton rims, Mexican artwork everywhere, they knock it out the park when it comes to their theme.
7 The Prices
For Mexican food, it's pricey. For Mexican food in a posh hotel, it's pretty on point. The food portions equal the prices unlike most in this genre that are located near or on the Strip.
5 The Drinks
Their selection of Tequilas is amazing, the amount of said tequila in your drink though? Not as much.
9 The Food
The grub is always on point at Pink Taco. I've danced around the menu items enough to like anything they have to offer.
For me, easily one of the top three Mexican restaurants on or near the Strip.
(out of 10)

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