Tacos el Gordo (Strip Location)

Why do you go to the Strip? Probably because you like to people watch, enjoy the free attractions, and/or enjoy an adult beverage or two at the wee hours of the night. Well, you're all in luck; All of those things relate to Tacos el Gordo. 

I enjoy people watching and this is a place you can just sit back, have a great meal and take in all the walks of life that enter the doors hungry for some delicious tacos. If a good show or attraction is your thing, just marvel at the cook staff on how fast they move and how many there are to accommodate the never-ending line of patrons. And if you've had a few and need to soak up some ethanol with some Mexican goodness, then you sir, will have picked the right place to do so as well!

Tacos… Tacos are definitely on the top of the list of food types that people ask me most about. "Where's a good place to get awesome street tacos?" My answer normally has been establishments that are a tad on the "slummy" side. So I'm happy I've been introduced to Tacos el Gordo, now I can direct the masses towards an easy to find joint where they don't have to worry about being stabbed.

Tacos el Gordo is open from 10am to 3am Sun-Thurs & 10am-5am on Fri-Sat. No matter the time you drive by or visit, you will see a line. I've seen the line creep around the side of the building like they were giving tacos away. But don't be deterred, the swiftness of the kitchen will guide you quickly to getting meat in your belly. 

Now, to my meal! I was in the mood for a variety when I walked in to Tacos el Gordo. Their variety resides in their meat types, they really don't have many dish options other than tacos, fries, and quesadillas; Which I think is a good thing, mixing in burritos and such would slow things down and take away from simplicity of the entire concept. So I went with tacos, tacos, and more tacos!

My first taco was the Adobada Taco. Adobada is spicy pork meat and damn do they do it right! Not only is the meat perfectly cooked with a little bit of crispiness to it, they dunk the tortillas into the drippings from the gyro style spit the pork rests upon! Delicious! They also serve all of their tacos with two tortillas (which is preferred!) and their accompanying sauces. The sauce on this bad boy was extremely good, was proportioned well, and had the right amount of spice in it to beautifully compliment the pork. If you sat down and ordered 4 of these, you'd be in heaven.

Tacos el Gordo- Adobada Taco

The next three tacos are going to be a little weird for some of you, but if you attempt to venture away from the norm, these are amazing meats to try that are scrumptious and taste nowhere as weird as their parts suggest. Trust me.

Although it's not "all the rage" in the good ol' USA, animal heads are delicacies throughout the rest of the world. If you ever get a chance to have an edible part of an animal's head, go for it, I bet you'll love it. The head I had in taco form was the Cabeza Taco. Cabeza typically refers to beef head. This taco was very earthy and rich with the onions providing a great match for the full bodied taste of the meat. The meat was very tender and not off putting at all. The green mole matched well and helped brighten up the earthy tones of the beef. All in all a solid taco that's very filling and definitely worth trying.

Tacos el Gordo- Cabeza Taco

I love tongue! No, not that kind! Well, I guess that kind too… but I love beef tongue! This Lengua Taco rocked my world. This was the best of the bunch and I can picture myself eating it right now. The meat was cooked expertly and was very full of flavor. This taco had the most meat in it of the ones served to me and it was a glorious affair. I liked that they were light on the sauce on this one and added raw onions. The meat got to show off it's tender, rich, meaty goodness whilst being  cut with the contrasting crunch and taste of the onions for a marvelous pairing that explodes in your mouth. (Insert joke here) If you go to Tacos el Gordo, I beg of you…. try the Lengua, you won't regret it!

Tacos el Gordo- Lengua Taco

Braaaaiiinnsss……Braaaaaiiinns….. This would be a zombie's favorite taco. The Sesos Taco is beef brains. If you can get past the fact that you're eating brains, you'll fair well. Beef brains are hard to master. Undercook it and it's just disgusting, overcook it and it's chewy as hell. But when it's just right… it's thought provoking… The Sesos taco here was on point and very well done. The brains were prepared splendidly and were tender but not chewy. The green mole here worked it's magic again on providing a great counter to the fattiness of the meat. This was a great taco for one that typically is done poorly. 

Tacos el Gordo- Sesos Taco

In closing I'll say this: Get to Tacos el Gordo as soon as you can. For lunch, for dinner, for a drunken meal, for any reason! Not only is the food phenomenal, the open kitchen is a blast to watch, the people that come in the place are a cluster of locals and tourists, and the location is easy to find. Also, any place that has unlimited refills on horchata wins in my book! 

Rating out
of 10
10 Location

Stupid easy to find and park.

5 The Décor

Pretty much zero effort put into the décor, but I'll let them slide.

10 The Prices

$11. My meal of 4 spectacular tacos and all I could drink horchatas was $11. Epic.

N/A The Drinks

10 The Food

Everything I had was great. Can't wait to go back for more!

8.75 Overall

A Sin City Foodie favorite!

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