The Taco Spot (Closed)

The Taco Spot is a relatively new Mexican joint in NW Las Vegas. I've driven by it many times saying I've got to check it out, but never did. Finally the opportunity presented itself and I got to try out what The Taco Spot is all about.

At first glimpse, The Taco Spot entices you in with vibrant, eclectic colors, pictures or Mexican ruins, and a simple yet stacked menu. The dining room is kind of split into two sections, so it actually seats more that it first seems. As well as, there is outside seating available that overlooks the busy intersection of Ann and Centennial Parkway. 

The menu has eight main items and then you choose what kind of meat you want with your selection. I started with the Costra, which is their signature dish. I've never heard of it before, so I ordered it. I picked the Chorizo, which they use a little spice alambre, steak, bacon, peppers, onions, and melted cheese to fill their delicious Mexican sausage. I had no idea what I was in for since this dish was alien to me and when I received it, I really didn't know what to think at first. 

This entire dish was like uncovering a mystery in a novel. It seemed simple when I started, but became more complex as I went. The top of this incarnation is a grilled cheese extravaganza. It was crispy, gooey, and a little greasy at the same time, awesome. Underneath it's sombrero of dairy goodness was the chorizo and all of it's mighty flavor. The chorizo was very well seasoned and the flavors have a fiesta in your mouth when combined with the cheese topping. The chorizo also has a good kick of spice to it, which it should, and there was definitely a good amount of it under there as well. Underneath the chorizo and cheese laid a yellow corn tortilla that was well soaked with it's upper bunk mate's flavors and grease. One good fork stroke at a time, I enjoyed each bite consisting of all three layers of this scrumptious oddity. 

After finishing the Costra, I was still hungry. Not because it wasn't a lot of food, I really just wanted an excuse to try another menu item I had my eye on. They had a specific taco option called Tacos Alambre al Pastor and it's two for $4.99. After reading the ingredients (Alambre spice, slices of pork, bacon, and steak, seasoned with adobo, with onions, and pineapple!) and wiping the drool off my lip, I ordered it and waited.

This Taco was so pretty I almost didn't want to eat it… but then I saw the pork glistening in the moon light and I went to town (as seen in photo). These were two generously full, street tacos, that were just bursting with flavor. (If you look at the Tacos Alambre al Pastor picture and your mouth doesn't start watering, something is wrong with you.) Forget a fiesta in my mouth, this was like a Mexican stand-off of deliciousness. Each meat stood out how they should, each pepper had texture and crunch, the onions were perfect, the tortillas were fresh, and their seasonings brought everything home in each outrageous bite. This is my new favorite taco. 

My only gripe of my entire meal was my drink. I had their Horchata, man it was terrible. It barley tasted like horchata. It was overly sweet, and was far from "authentic". I'll be happy when they start serving beer at this location later this summer.

The prices are fair, they have a punch card, they have your typical Mexican restaurant staples (Salsa bar, and TVs in the dining room playing Telemundo); It all works. There are only three locations in the nation of The Taco Spot and I'm glad Sin City is home to one of them. I will be frequenting The Taco Spot on a regular basis.

Rating Description
out of 10
6 Location
It's a destination. You have to drive down a small street first to get to it, and the only real thing there with it is a Cracked Egg.
8 The Décor
Nothing super amazing. It's fun and not over the top. It's enough to tell it's a Mexican joing, but not at all in your face.
10 The Prices
I'd say every menu item is good bang your buck. Two can easily eat for under $15 and have an amazing meal.
6 The Drinks
They have regular foutain drinks, a horrible horchata, and some other Mexican fruit punch. They said they'll have beer sometime this summer.
10 The Food
I had two menu items, and both were amazing. I can't wait to go back and try everything else!
There's nothing better in NW Las Vegas for Mexican Street Style grub.
(out of 10)

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