Redneck Kitchen

First and foremost, I'd like to say that the owners/operators of the Redneck Kitchen Food Trailer are two of the nicest people I've met. I actually met them a month or so before launching and have always tried to catch their trailer at the right time to try it out. This review is a combination of two trips within a week to try two very different offerings from these two very nice Rednecks!

Right outside a small parking lot near the Statosphere is where I first got to try one of their "Naked Burrito"s. Their Naked Burritos come in four variaties from no meat to three different meats consisting of: Chicken, Steak, Pulled Pork, Fried Bologna, and Fried Hot Dogs. I went ahead and ordered The Bubba with Pulled Pork & Chicken and got all the fixin's of lettuce, cheese, beans, sour cream, guac, pico de gallo, and jalapaños with no black olives. The first thing I noticed when handed this behemoth of a meal was there was no tortilla, hence the "Naked Burrito"! I dug in with my fork and started on the pulled pork side. My tongue's immediate reaction to my first bite was, wow, there's a lot of flavor in there. The pulled pork was delicious and a little sweet, with the sauces really bringing everything together. The chicken was very well cooked and seasoned also and was very juicy. The cheese blend was also impressive and definitely very gooey and cheesy. And the jalepeños were a nice added touch as they were hot but not overpowering. The only real component that got lost in the mass of goodness was the beans, they were there, but didn't add anything to the fiesta going on around them. Overall, this was an awesome meal that was also easily large enough for two to share.

Now, the reason for the second trip was because @RedNeckKitchen replied to me on Twitter (@SinCityFoodie) when I mentioned that I was having Chicken & Waffles at Mollie's Kountry Kafe and told me that I HAD to try their Redneck Chicken & Waffles. They didn't have that on the menu the first day I went, so I visited them again at the Saturday Night Truck Stop to finally try their stab at my all-time favorite meal (From Roscoe's or course). I'll start with this… It has potential. The Chicken & Waffles from Redneck Kitchen is served with the waffle acting like a taco shell with the chicken inside, no fork needed! Conceptually, so far, so good. The waffle was perfectly cooked: golden brown, crispy outside with soft inside, and dense but not too airy. The chicken was two chicken fingers drizzled with their home made butter/maple/chipotle syrup. The sauce is pretty stellar, but I wish it had more kick to it, I really was left wanting for more heat. The chicken isn't close to being called a southern fried style , but they were juicy and tasty nonetheless. This dish is just missing something, not sure what exactly, but it's like the Death Star in Return of the Jedi, not fully operational. I want this dish to be awesome and I think they'll eventually figure it out and I'll be excited to try it again when they do! And for the record, this starch and poultry combo is not bad in any sense, this is a good, hearty meal, it's just off from the standard of what I beleive Chicken & Waffles should be more like.

Some cool stuff about Redneck Kitchen is that their pay system is through an iPad with the Square app and they make some kick ass home made hot sauces. And as I mentioned, the owners are an awesome and very nice couple. The only uncool thing, I think they could improve on, is the drink offerings. All they have are fountain drinks. I'd love to see an epic home made lemonade or fruit punch to really round out the Redneck drinks. 

I enjoyed Redneck Kitchen both times and want to go back to try their Hillbilly Nachos, Port-A-Pot, and desserts. 

Rating Description
out of 10
8 Selection
Only four main items, but a few variations of each and you pick your meats.
6 Truck Fun Level
The trailer is pretty basic. No music coming from inside or anything. It is fun to try their many different hot sauces though!
10 The Prices
$5-$10 is a pretty amazing price range, especially for the serving sizes, each meal could probably serve two people each.
7 Truck Findability
If you follow them on Twitter, they're pretty easy to find. They're not on the streets quite as many days as some other trucks/trailers though.
9 The Food
The Naked Burrito was amazing, the Chicken and Waffles fell a little short, but overall they have quality ingrediants and a good passion for what they're cooking.
Definitely a new favorite, I just need to try more of what they've got!
(out of 10)

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